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Title: Matix presents 2013 Hermosa Beach Ironman
Matix supports the 2013 Hermosa Beach Ironman event. Breaking every rule in the cities book, the HB Ironman is a tradition for locals and out of towners alike. No coaches, no training, just get down to the beach w your surfboard and a sixer of cold gold. Participants run a mile in the sand, paddle a mile then return to the starting point to chug a 6 pack of beer. The first to do all 3 in the fastest time is declared the winner. Jeff Bellandi and Annie Seawright, both past winners, defended last year’s titles and won once again.

All the money raised went to the following charities

Huntington Disease –
Jimmy Miller Foundation –
Veronicas Fund

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Title: IRONMAN JULY 4TH, 2013

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Title: 2013 Hermosa Beach Ironman
Waterman’s restaurant owner Jeff Bellandi won his second consecutive Hermosa Beach Fourth of July Ironman competition in a time of 19 minutes, 32 seconds, narrowly edging out Chris Smith. Multiple time Ironman winner Chris Brown finished third. Annie Seawright won the woman’s division, also for the second consecutive year. Several hundred competitors, cheered on by a similar number of supporters, competed in the event, which requires running a mile, paddling a mile and chugging a six pack of beer, without upchucking. Following the event, organizers quickly cleared the beach of empty beer cans and other trash.

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