More 2011 Hermosa Beach Ironman Videos

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The Ironman is a 35 year old tradition in Manhattan and Hermosa Beach. Competitors are to Run a mile, Paddle a mile, and Drink 6 beers without Vomiting. Few are successful, but everybody wins!

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Title: 4th of July Hermosa Beach 2011
live music by STD’s, Special “C”, Local Hate and Pennywise members. some friends played with Special “C” at the Hermosa Beach Ironman. Mike rodrigez from one handed readers, Tony Cook from Super Sessions, Robbie Rodgers from Too Rude / War called Peace, Dan Inez from M1SK, Eddie Cairns and Gunnar Engstarnd from Local Hate, and Byron McMackin from Pennywise.
STD’s played on a mobile stage down the Hermosa Beach strand

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Title: Hermosa Beach Ironman 2011 Mosh Pit
Hermosa Ironman Buffoonery

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